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Feature Education Piece​

Crypto systems can be difficult.

It is diffcult to understand. Difficult to make sense of the mechanism. Difficult to access the value-add of the projects. You have built a brilliant product. Once users understand the mechanisms, real users and real growth will see the value it brings. Economics Design translates that the complicated mechanism into simple and easy to understand framework.

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Lisa JY Tan

Lisa JY Tan is the founder and lead economist at Economics Design, a research focused consultancy for digital ecosystems. In the academia world, she contributes to research work in various fields like math and economics, while having the practitioner exposure with startups and global businesses. She’s also one of the leaders in a United Nations x Stanford University project on regulating digital currencies.

She was one of the first few to research and educate on token economics, starting in 2018 London. Since then, she has a weekly podcast on the economics of token ecosystems, online course and have educated regulators, government and organisations in London, Singapore, Seoul, Geneva.


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