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We help organisations build and track the design of primary markets. This could be a token-based closed loop system, a private organisation’s business or social system.

Leveraging on various expertise in such complex ecosystems, we embed incentives into the systems we build, track its efficient and work to improve the long-term sustainability of the system.

Tapping on to the most brilliant people spanning across 5 continents, our global insights can help better make the unknown information transparent, so as to achieve the outcomes desired of your ecosystem.

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5 Continents
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Inspired by Curiosity to Change

Economics Design is founded based on first principles of what future ecosystems and organisations will be. Our work is fundamentally tied to the design of an equitable future, through aligning the right incentives to the right people. We strongly believe that the future is bright, and today, we have the power to build that.

Change is easy when there is a guide towards the transition. We researched and concluded with our economics design framework. It is the guiding to build and create different token-based economic models.

The key to success is not the design but the maintenance of the right incentives in place. Thus, we focus on researching and measuring the robustness of the design models, so as provide sight to the complex system. This is key. Because we believe in collaborative governance, and the best way to get there is thorough visibility of how the system is designed and working.